‘The Guides’ and its Optional ‘Compendium’ App Available Now

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It’s Monday and maybe you’re cranky. Why not take it out on a challenging, abstract game of mystery? The Guides ($2.99) will provide just that! This game will have you deciphering codes and puzzles of many kinds, presented in all forms of stylish manner, making the madness you’re soon about to dwell in a good way to go! The trailer gives you some good hints of what you can expect:

Interestingly, there’s not just the game available, but also The Guides Compendium ($0.99) as a separate app, which seems a bit like the Year Walk Companion (Free), but that was a free app and necessary part of Year Walk ($3.99). But the developers say The Guides Compendium is “not essential," it could provide clues and context to the game. Hey, the whole package is two bucks at launch, seems hard to complain about that. Check out the forum thread for people talking about the game!

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