Could ‘Clash of Kings’ be the Next ‘Game of War’?

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There’s a ton of raiding-strategy games out there on the App Store, what with Supercell’s Clash of Clans (Free) still making money hand-over-fist, and Boom Beach (Free) making less-but-still-a-lot of money. As well, Game of War (Free) is right behind Clash of Clans in the grossing charts, showing that the genre can make a lot of money if a publisher runs a huge marketing campaign and has a game that sticks with players. Could that next big game be Clash of Kings (Free)? The game’s seen a ton of downloads, has established itself in the grossing charts, and we’re starting to see signs that it’s entering a big marketing push.

The publisher, Elex, has announced that the game has reached over 65 million downloads, and is giving out some in-game gifts to players right now. The game is sitting comfortably in the top 20-30 grossing range right now on iOS – it’s not quite peaked at the heights that Game of War has, especially since that was a top-5 game by this point in Clash of Kings‘ life span. But remember, too, that the market is more competitive than it once was, the raiding-strategy genre is more crowded, and marketing expenses are way up, too. User acquisition is more expensive, and now TV ads are becoming more and more common if you want to have a shot at being a top 10 game.

Having a TV ad campaign isn’t a guaranteed success story, but it does seem to help with perhaps getting there. Heroes Charge (Free), after all, is #80 and it too had a Super Bowl ad. But who knows, with a solid grossing position right now, and a reasonable amount of success, don’t be surprised if Clash of Kings ads become as ubiquitious as Clash of Clans and Game of War ads over the next year or so. I’ve started to see ads popping up on TV, and video ads in games are increasingly for Clash of Kings. We’ll see just how well it all shakes out, but don’t be surprised if this game becomes massive at some point.

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