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‘Call of Champions’ MOBA Jumps from Beta to Soft Launch

We’ve written up Call of Champions, the new speed MOBA from Spacetime Studios (the folks responsible for MMORPGs like Arcane Legends (Free)) a few times already, playing it back at GDC, and writing up a preview of the beta version. That beta version was available to a limited audience, but now more people can play it, as Call of Champions has just soft launched in New Zealand and Singapore. If you’re in those areas – or have ways of accessing those stores, wink wink – you can now play the game for yourself.

Hopefully this means there will be more matches available in the game, as the beta player pool has been small enough to make it difficult to find a match at times outside of peak hours. But this is also promising that the game might be done and ready for worldwide release this year. I’m very fascinated by Call of Champions, especially to see just how well it’s going to do, since there just has not really been a breakout hit in the MOBA genre on mobile, and this could just be it.