Strategy Fans, Kiss Your Pocket Money Good-Bye – Slitherine’s Having A Sale

ST-V7-H250If you love strategy games, I hope you haven’t blown your whole budget for the week. Slitherine, the publisher behind some of the best strategy games on the App Store, is having a pretty rare sale at the moment. You can pick up several of their games (and IAP campaigns) for low, low prices, and with the prices some of them usually carry, these are some serious deals. The sale runs from today until August 17th, so stock up quickly while the getting is good. The complete list follows, with reviews linked where applicable:

In addition, all of Battle Academy‘s IAP campaigns are on sale for half-price at $4.99 apiece, and the Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Mega Pack IAP is on for $24.99, down from its regular $39.99. If the sale prices aren’t showing yet, you might want to click on through to the App Store anyway to make sure it’s not just slow to update on our end. And remember, you’ve only got until August 17th to get in on these deals.