‘Hearthstone’ Reveal – All The Grand Tournament Expansion Cards Will Be Unveiled Today

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Day after day, we are inching closer to the release of The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone‘s (Free) next expansion that should shake up the meta, at least for a month or two. Today, Blizzard revealed some very fun cards on its stream, and also announced…no, not the release date, sorry. However, Blizzard did announce that it will reveal ALL TGT cards on its Facebook page by the end of today. This reveal will let you start deckbuilding before the cards even come out so you are one step ahead of the competition. Of course, like in warfare, fantasy deckbuilding cannot withstand the clash with the opponent’s cards, but still, it’s fun trying to figure out what new archetypes TGT might engender and whether we will actually see what Blizzard seems to be seeking, a slow-down of the meta.

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There were a few cards I wanted to highlight, first among them The Mistcaller, a 6-cost Shaman Legendary with a unique Battlecry in Hearthstone, “Give all minions in your hand and deck +1/+1. This is the first time that a card in Hearthstone buffs cards that haven’t been played yet. While that doesn’t mean the card will see plenty of play (although in the right deck it can be quite good), I like moments like these when Blizzard opens up a new design space for future cards. The second card is Elemental Destruction, a strong Shaman board-clear that does 4-5 damage to all minions with a 5 overload, which means if you want to use this card, you’ll need Lava Shocks too. This card might help you reset the board if you are under a lot of pressure from your opponent and you can’t seem to get any of your minions to stick. Finally, the last, and best, card from tonight is a Priest Legandary, Confessor Paletress, which will summon a random Legendary minion when you use your hero power. Although she costs 7 mana, which means she might come too late in the game, if you manage to get her going, fun shenanigans will occur. Ok, enough reading, go check out all those sweet cards!


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