This Week’s ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Is Our First Repeat Performance

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When it comes to this week’s Tavern Brawl, some might say that Blizzard phoned it in by giving us the same Brawl as the one about a month ago. Sure, we once again have The Great Summoner Competition where every spell you cast summons a random minion that costs the same mana as the spell you cast. Here’s the story from a month ago here so I don’t repeat everything. So yes, we’ve been warned that we’d see Tavern Brawl repeats, but while the pessimists might claim Blizzard is getting lazy, resting on the pile of money Hearthstone (Free) is making, I’m an eternal optimist, and I believe that Blizzard went with an older Tavern Brawl only because the developers are all busy getting The Grand Tournament expansion ready to go next week.


Why waste time creating a new toy for people to play when the brand new, shining toys are ready to come out to play? So, do not feel slighted dear Hearthstone players, think that we are walking through an already-trodden path simply to get to the promised land of The Grand Tournament. Okay, I might be getting overly dramatic here. This Brawl is a fun one, even if it’s one you’ve played before. Get your Mages going, collect that free pack, and then patiently wait for next week when we get all the new cards (I hope) and, perhaps, a Tavern Brawl that has something to do with The Grand Tournament. Here’s hoping.

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