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Crush Your Friends with Boulders in ‘Mazecraft’

Hyper Liger has announced their newest game, Mazecraft. The concept is simple enough: you have to make it through a maze of deadly traps to reach the end in safety. You’ll be customizing your character, and playing levels, trying to find where the dead ends are, avoiding boulders and minotaurs, finding swords to kill skeletons with, and whatnot. The game has a whole Greek mythology thing going for it, which makes sense because, hey, labyrinths. But that’s not where the really clever part of Mazecraft comes in.

See, you can build your own mazes and play others’ mazes, with the ability to customize dialogue and traps all to your liking. The concept is a bit like King of Thieves (Free), except perhaps with a lot more freedom in terms of what you can do. Oh, and if you grow tired of the whole Greek mythology theme, you can spend coins to unlock space mazes. I don’t know if you can put minotaurs in space, but that seems like a good idea! You wouldn’t expect it! Mazecraft releases on August 13th, and it’s a pretty neat little game.