No, There Isn’t a New ‘Papers, Please’ App Store Controversy

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In a “blink and you’ll miss it" moment, Papers, Please ($7.99) disappeared from the App Store on Tuesday night in the US, gone without a trace. It even disappeared from users’ purchased libraries. Did Apple have a change of heart again about its nudity? Did they ban it for something else? No, actually, the reason is quite innocuous: according to developer Lucas Pope, the Apple developer contracts were updated, and needed his acceptance. He’s been traveling out of the country, and the app got to a point where it was removed “pending contract" until he signed the new contract. He’s done so, and the game’s back on the App Store right now.

So, we have a situation where it’s quite possible that you never even noticed the app was gone. While any app being removed triggers a wave of controversial reactions and assumptions of the worst – which, to be fair, Apple does tend to act with a degree of impunity regarding policy removals – in this case, it was just Apple asking for papers, please.

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