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Protect Your Lily Pad from Pirates in HappyMagenta’s Upcoming ‘Lily of Swampville’

When I think of developer HappyMagenta I think of quick-hitting high-score games with pixel art and unique mechanics. Games like Fist of Fury (Free), Snow Roll (Free) and Cube Koala (Free). They’re masters of that type of game, but every once in a while they branch out a bit into something with a bit more substance. That’s the feeling I get from their latest project, a fixed turret defense game called Lily of Swampville. The idea is that you’re defending your home from invading pirates by using the tried-and-true Angry Birds style aiming to shoot arrows at enemies. Of course you’ll have different power-ups and abilities to help you out as you clear each level. Here’s a brief video of the game in action.

I’ve got to say that, as much as I love pixel art, I really love the illustrated look of Lily of Swampville. Some folks in our forums have even said it reminds them of old Disney animation, which I could see too. In fact, that forum thread is filled with lots of screens and animated .gifs that give you an even closer look at the interesting enemies and the overall detail in the game, so be sure to check it out. HappyMagenta says Lily of Swampville will be coming really soon, so keep an eye out for it.