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‘Battlestation: Harbinger’ is a Spaceship Fleet Roguelike Coming in August

BugByte Games are hard at work on a space combat franchise called Battlestation, with the first game called Battlestation: First Contact (Free) that’s been on the App Store for a few months now, and is a pretty cool space station building and defense game. While they gear up for a big desktop entry in the franchise called Battlestation: Army of Light, the second game in the series is about to drop on August 13th, called Battlestation: Harbinger. The game has you commanding a spaceship fleet exploring the galaxy, with BugByte claiming influence from FTL ($9.99) and Out There ($4.99). Here’s a trailer that does a good job showing off some of the gameplay you can expect from this one:

You’ll be engaging in space combat, clearing sectors, completing objectives, and discovering worlds. It all seems fascinating and I’m curious to go hands-on with it. Battlestation: Harbinger will release for $3.99 without IAP on August 13th. Until then, I recommend checking out Battlestation: First Contact (Free), it’s free to try and has some nifty aspects to it.