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‘Prune’ is a Gorgeous Game of Tree Cultivation Releasing This Week

Prune, developed by Joel McDonald and Kyle Preston, is looking like quite the interesting atmospheric puzzle game, coming this week. Basically, your goal is to grow out trees, starting by drawing a line from the base of the tree, and watching it grow upward into the light. There are obstacles that are in the way, and you can slice off branches to help it grow, as these will inhibit how long the tree and branches can get. So, like a master of bonsai trees, you’ll be cutting and snipping all over the place, trying to get to the light.

Prune is set to an atmospheric soundtrack, and definitely seems like it’s the kind of gorgeous artistic game that could turn a lot of heads upon release. It’s already won some awards, with it getting “Best Upcoming Game" at the IMGA awards, and runner-up at IndiePlus earlier this year, so there’s definitely some critical recognition from those who have seen it. I’ve played a bit of Prune, and it seems utterly fascinating and unique – keep an eye for it Thursday, July 23rd.