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‘Ace of Arenas’ MOBA Soft Launches in New Zealand

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Mobile MOBAs are everywhere! One of the next games on the docket, Ace of Arenas has just gone in a soft-launch in the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand. The game is interestingly played with a virtual joystick for moving, but then you have all your attacks, abilities, and targeting accessible from your right thumb. It feels pretty good, but I’m also tolerant of virtual joysticks. Still, it’s different from other games.

The game lets you play in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches, including offline against bots, if that’s your taste. You can buy both skins and heroes with your winnings and real money, of course. This isn’t necessarily going to be a quick game, though the maps are very much simplified, especially in 1v1 games where you have pretty much just the one lane. I’m not sure how people are going to take to this one, as MOBAs are always a tough formula to mess with to make work on mobile. But I’m fascinated to see just how this genre could work. Check out the forum thread for other players of the game.

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