‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ Getting ‘Secret Wars’ and ‘Spider-Island’ Spider-Mans This Year

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Spider-Man Unlimited (Free), proud namesake and multiple-times winner of the coveted Most Spider-Mans of the Week award in our Update Mondays columns, is getting more updates with more Spider-Mans this year. Gameloft is announcing that new suits from Spider-Island and suits from the Post-Secret-War period will be coming to Spider-Man Unlimited in the coming weeks and months. Here’s a trailer showing off two of the suits of the new Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099:

Those will be playable once they’re in the comics later this year. Coming sooner are the Spider-Island suits, which will feature 10 new characters from the 2011 story, including a playable Mary Jane. The Spider-Island content in the game will tie in with the Secret Wars content in the comics, too. Plus, a new social feature will be unveiled soon enough. This game will be raising the bar even further for the Most Spider-Mans of the Week award.

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