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New ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’ Teaser – Terrible Things Await

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Scott Cawthon, of Five Nights at Freddy’s ($2.99) fame, has just offered us another teaser for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, and this one looks both great and terrifying. The teaser shows one of the animatronics, Springtrap, sitting on a chair underneath a window. Above Springtrap there’s the text “Terrible things come in small packages." As always, when brightened up, the teaser reveals more: the animatronic is surrounded by four doors, and there’s something lurking behind that window, or is there?

First thing’s first, in this teaser Cawthon has pulled the camera back and is showing us more about the upcoming game. Also, this one’s by far the best-looking of the teasers so far, at least for me. What do you think this new teaser’s about? What else can you see in it? Will we have to look at more directions at once now to save ourselves until daytime? And what do you think the “small package" is? One thing’s for sure though; Cawthon sure knows how to mess with us.






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