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‘.Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne’ is a Remix Version of Well-Regarded Bullet Hell Shmup ‘.Decluster: Into the Bullet Hell’

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Independent Japanese game developer Masayuki Ito released .Decluster: Into the Bullet Hell (Free) earlier this year, and it wound up being a fantastic example of the bullet hell shmup genre on iOS, earning a 5-star review from us. Now, the game is getting what Masayuki Ito is calling a “remix version" of the original, and he’s calling it .Decluster Zero: Bullet Nocturne. Here’s the trailer for the game, expected to release in August for iOS:

The new release will feature redesigned levels, modified mechanics, a remixed soundtrack, and more changes. We’ll have to see just what exactly these all add up to, especially if you’ve played the original game, but a fresh take on this well-regarded experience sounds interesting to me, and might just hook in old players looking for more, and new players who missed the original game at launch. Keep an eye out for this – and all those bullets – sometime in August.

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