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Check Out 12 Minutes of Orangepixel’s Upcoming ‘Space Grunts’

Solo developer Orangepixel has been hard at his next game, Space Grunts, a turn-based roguelike that’s still meant to be action-packed with a swift pace. How exactly does that all work in a turn-based game? If only there were 12 minutes of uncut gameplay footage to watch and judge how it plays! Well, Orangepixel has provided just that, showing off a run of the game. It starts a bit of the way into the game, skipping some of the early stuff, but it does get right to the good stuff:

I’m really interested to see just how this shakes out, because it’s looking like it could be a bit of a cross between Nuclear Throne with a bit of MicRogue, perhaps. The developer diary accompanying the footage also talks about some of the changes made to the game during its development, such as implementing an inventory, and making level-ups invisible to the player. The game’s been targeting an August/September release date, but it might get delayed a bit as it gets smoothed out into perfection. But do keep an eye out for this one.