Sega and Picomy’s Gorgeous 3D Platformer ‘Heroki’ Now Available

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Arriving a bit later than the week’s other new games, Sega and developer Picomy have finally released their gorgeous touchscreen platformer Heroki ($4.99). I say “finally" because Heroki has been in development since 2010, which might as well be a century in App Store terms. However, after experiencing just the initial intro video and tutorial portion, I can tell this one was worth the wait. You play as Heroki, a young boy with a propeller on his head who has the ability to fly around. In fact, everyone in this world seems to have propellers on their heads. It’s just normal for them I guess!

You can tell Picomy tried hard to make a natural control scheme for the touchscreen. The default option is to drag Heroki around the screen using your finger, which feels natural and works just fine. There’s a second option to instead push Heroki around the screen by putting your finger behind him and dragging. This also works, but takes a bit of getting used to. Finally, for traditionalists, there’s a virtual analog stick option as well.

I’m still getting my bearings in the early goings of Heroki, but I’m loving it so far. Everything about it just screams top-notch. The visuals are colorful, characters expressive, and the music is delightful. Heroki gives me that same feeling I had when I first fired up Rolando on my iPhone all those years ago. This is a game that feels like it belongs on the iOS platform. Best of all, despite the predominantly free to play nature of the mobile market, Heroki is pay-once with no IAP in sight. Impressions from players in our forums are really positive, so if the trailer for Heroki has you intrigued definitely consider giving it a purchase.

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