New iPhone Games Coming Tonight (But Mostly Out Now): ‘Chip Beat Blaster’, ‘Quadrush’, and Loads of Other Indie Games

It’s Wednesday once again, and if this trend on the App Store keeps up, we’re really going to need to re-think what to call this weekly feature. In the past, games would pop up in New Zealand then slowly drizzle across the world as it got closer to Thursday in each geographical region’s respective time zones leading up to games coming out in the USA at 11:00 PM Eastern. The last few weeks, more and more games have just been showing up as available worldwide at the same time they’d typically just show up in New Zealand. This is the case this week as well, with the vast majority of these games available for download right now.

Also, since there’s always confusion surrounding this, these posts are curated from new games which have been posted to our forums this morning. If you don’t see your game on here, make sure you’ve got a thread posted and we’ll catch it in our full roundup at 11:00 PM Eastern when we scour the App Store for any stragglers that didn’t follow the typical release pattern.

There aren’t really any big name games in this list this week, but there’s a ton of great indie stuff in here, which arguably makes them all a little more exciting because they’re not being overshadowed by some massive highly anticipated release. Will this stave off “weak week" comments? Only the gods know for sure.

Anyway, here’s the list:

As mentioned, stay tuned for our full roundup tonight, which usually goes live a little bit after 11:00 PM Eastern.

Update: Turns out we’ve got some late bloomers to the party that just sneaked out in New Zealand-