June Patreon Update – Thanks to All Our Supporters

As part of our Patreon, we’re going to be doing these monthly roundup posts to thank everyone who has contributed so far. If you’ve pitched in to supporting TouchArcade, Patreon should be charging whatever credit card you used in the next couple days. Currently we’re sitting at 415 supporters and $6,302.75 a month from readers, developers, and fans from the site. It means so much to us it’s hard to put in to words, seeing the rush of support when we posted we were in trouble has totally validated just how much work we all pour in to the site.

Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect and really just decided to do a Patreon to see what might happen. Almost hitting our goal in a couple weeks? No one saw that coming. So, thanks to everyone for being awesome. You guys truly are the best. We’ll hold up our end of the bargain by continuing to deliver awesome iOS news, reviews, and other stuff as long as humanly possible- We’re even talking seriously about getting back into streaming, which a lot of people have asked about.

If you’re contributing to our Patreon on a level that offers forum rewards- Here’s an update on that: We’ve got most of the back-end work completed, and are currently waiting on art assets from our graphic designer. Once we’ve got those, it should all be implemented in short order. That sort of thing is a little out of my control, so I don’t have a super-solid date as to when it’ll all be up but we are very close.

This month’s top-level patron is the awesome guys from FDG Entertainment. We already posted about their new game, Venture Kid, but they’re trying really hard to get the game Greenlit on Steam. Indie gaming is in a weird spot right now as everyone fights to keep their heads above water, to going multi-platform is key, and part of that is standing above the crowd in the Greenlight process. If you’ve got a few seconds, give ’em a vote if for no other reason than they’re doing a ton to support TouchArcade’s continued existence. If you need a little more convincing to mash the Greenlight button, check out the game’s thread in our forums or the above trailer.