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‘Slashy Hero’ is a Promising Draw-Slashing Action-RPG

A studio known as The Gentlebros has just sent over some details on their upcoming mobile hack ‘n slash game Slashy Hero, and it is looking promising. There are loads of isometric action-RPGs, but this one has an interesting control scheme, where you draw lines to cut through waves of enemies. Your draw-slashes have limited energy, so you can’t just be drawing all over the place, you have to be smart about it. The protagonist has a creative paper-bag head design, too. Check out the trailer!

This looks like fun. The game is expected to launch around Halloween, as you could probably guess from the spooky theme. Slashy Hero will have both 36 levels to play through, along with an endless mode. According to the Gentlebros on Facebook, the plan is for the game to be free with opt-in video ads. This looks like it has a lot of promise in a crowded genre, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about this one in the coming months. The trailer above is from last month, but Gentlebros have put together a new hands-on video this week going through the early levels in the game, if you want to see more.