‘Vainglory’ Officially Releases July 2nd, Adds Android Support, New Hero, and Much More

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While Vainglory (Free), the made-for-mobile MOBA, has been out for a while now, it hasn’t “officially" launched according to its developers, Super Evil Mecacorp (SEM). Bo Daly, SEM CEO and co-founder, explains that if Vainglory was a PC title, July 2nd would be the day it would come out of beta. On July 2nd, then, Vainglory launches globally for both iOS and Android. The global launch also brings with it some new features: Ranked and Casual queues, an innovative skin system, new tutorial videos to ease players into this very demanding genre, and, finally, a new hero, Rona the Beserker.

Vainglory has been doing very well according to the developers, having more than 1.5 million Twitch viewers in May, a three-fold growth since February. Many developers have tried to bring the MOBA experience to mobile, and so far SEM is easily the one with the most success. Vainglory is fun to play, looks gorgeous on devices that support Metal, and has been expanding its heroes and features steadily.

I’m glad that the developers have decided to split the queue in Casual and Ranked because MOBAs are notoriously demanding and player skill imbalance is often the cause of much vitriol. I don’t expect that to change completely, but I’m hoping that these two queues will help players get the most out of the game. The game is already on the App Store in most territories, so go and give this MOBA a try if you are into demanding yet rewarding games. If it’s not available where you’re located yet, then look for Vainglory next week on July 2nd when it officially launches worldwide on iOS and Android.

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