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‘Quest Heroes’ Promises Dungeon Crawling with Board Game Authenticity

Developer Tabletop Pixel has been hard at work on a nifty-looking dungeon-crawler called Quest Heroes, which they’ve just revealed on our forums. They’re calling it a “tactical dungeon crawler with board game flavor," where you will take a team of heroes through a dungeon filled with myriad traps, bosses, and even different victory conditions, interestingly enough. Check out some raw gameplay footage without sound below:

One thing that sounds really intriguing is that Tabletop Pixel is trying to make Quest Heroes conform to real-life board games, with the idea being that you could play this as a tabletop game, not just as a digital game. And they plan on releasing a print-and-play version at some point. Plus, the world is designed to be humorous, with freedom as to the party you want to construct, and no class-based gear restrictions. Check out the forum thread for more on this game and its development.