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Upcoming ‘The Banner Saga 2’ Will Likely Have Better Combat and Caravan Mechanics

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When Stoic’s The Banner Saga ($9.99) came out for the PC and then for iOS, it wowed everyone with its amazing art direction, fantastic music, and captivating characters. The game really looks like the classic Disney films (the developers have pointed to Sleeping Beauty as an inspiration), and the story has tugged at many heartstrings, leaving its players with many memorable moments. While the story and the art stood out, the game’s battle mechanic was often described as repetitive and a bit on the simplistic side.

Fortunately for gamers, Stoic has taken those comments to heart and has been trying to spice up the combat for the second part of its three-part saga. In an interview at E3, the developers have talked about how they’ve been trying to make battles more nuanced and less repetitive by adding specific objectives or requirements for each one (rather than just forcing players to kill all the enemies). The other major change is in the caravan mechanic, the way The Banner Saga represented your people traversing the stark Nordic environments of the game (think King of Dragon Pass). The developers will be making the caravan feel like a group of individuals rather than a mass of faceless people by giving many of its members individual stories and quests. Overall, it sounds to me like an already-great game is on its way to become even better. The game should be coming out for the PC in 2015, and, hopefully, soon after to iOS.

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