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E3 2015: ‘Joe Montana Football’ Coming to iOS First, Video Footage Revealed

A new football game starring NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, appropriately titled Joe Montana Football, has been in the works and teased on social media for a few months now. We knew that it was going to be developed in Unreal Engine 4, but we now know that it’s coming to mobile. Unreal did an interview with Damon Grow of Superstar Studios, and showed off some of the footage of the game, saying that the iOS version will be coming first, followed by Android and possibly to PC and other platforms in the future. The game is using Metal with Unreal, and the footage shown is from the iOS version of the game:

While this will certainly be an unlicensed game, it will be interesting to see just how the football plays, and how they make this one work on mobile. It does promise to look good, though. They appear to be doing an alpha test of the game at some point, and you can sign up for updates on that on the game’s website.