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E3 2015: ‘Final Fantasy VII’ is Coming to iOS

Looks like Final Fantasy VII is coming to iOS, as announced at Square Enix’s E3 press conference. Reports indicate that this isn’t the remake announced at the Sony press conference, but is actually based on the PS1 original and the PC port that has been updated for compatibility with modern computers. While the first 6 games in the main franchise have been updated and enhanced for mobile, this is the first game in the Playstation series of games to release for mobile.

Final Fantasy VIII is also on PC in a similar version, so don’t be surprised if that makes it down the road as well. Final Fantasy IX doesn’t have a PC port yet, so don’t expect that quite yet. Still, plenty of people have wanted Final Fantasy VII wherever they can play it, and the game is an absolute classic, so plenty of people will be excited for this.