‘Hearthstone’ Update 2.7 Rolling Out As We Speak – First “Tavern Brawl” This Wednesday!

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready because we are all about to start brawling! Hearthstone‘s (Free) 2.7 patch, which adds a new mode and many more features, is currently rolling out world-wide. The patch might take some time to hit all regions, but I don’t expect it to take long. We wrote about the patch a few days ago, so check that out if you want to know more about what to expect. Also, go here if you want to read the patch notes in more detail. According to Blizzard, the first “Tavern Brawl" will officially kick off this coming Wednesday (or Thursday, depending on your region). Make sure you have at least one Level-20 Hero so you can enter the Tavern Brawl mode. See you in the Tavern!

Tavern Brawl Schedule

Region                                     Open                                                   Close

Europe                         Wed      05:00 PM CET                     Mon      6:00 AM CET

Americas                     Wed      10:00 AM PST                      Mon      3:00 AM PST

Taiwan/China               Thurs     03:00 AM CST                     Mon      6:00 AM CST

Korea                           Thurs     04:00 AM KST                     Mon      7:00 AM KST


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