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‘Orbital’ and ‘Gimme Friction Baby’-Inspired ‘Hue Ball’ Releasing on June 18th

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Last month, I told you about Hue Ball, a fun game based off of Wouter Visser’s Gimme Friction Baby, similar to iOS classic Orbital ($4.99). I also told you that it was planned to release in late May or early June. Sadly, those time frames have passed and yet the general public has not had the ability to play Hue Ball. Even my Testflight build had expired. Was Hue Ball doomed to disappear? Thankfully, no – Hue Ball just needed a bit more work, and now the game is set to release on June 18th.

The colors and interface have gotten a bit of a tweak, with a ‘button’ that appears at the bottom to show you where you can tap to launch a ball. Additionally, Unept, the developer, has tweaked the beginning of the game to make it easier for first-time players. It’s going to be challenging enough, so any little edge helps. This one will be free with an IAP to remove ads, and available June 18th – it’s been approved, and you can actually nab some early promo codes in the forum thread for the game.


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