‘Tales from the Borderlands’ Episode 3 Coming to iOS the Last Week of June

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Telltale has just announced that Episode 3 of its Tales from the Borderlands (Free) series, titled “Catch a Ride," will be available for download the week of June 23rd. This is good news for all those who enjoy the funnier side of Telltale’s episodic games. According to Telltale (spoilers ahead), Rhys and Fiona find themselves looking for another piece of the puzzle in their attempt to enjoy the untold riches of Vault key ownership. Fiona gets help from an unexpected mentor while Rhys continues to share brain-space with a dead dictator. Yes, a pretty crazy game this one, isn’t it?

Tales from the Borderlands

As we talked about recently, Ashley Johnson should be voicing one of the key characters of this episode, so if you buy “Catch a Ride," keep an ear out for her voice. I’m still amazed that Telltale is able to juggle so many episodic games at the same time (the recent episode of its Game of Thrones series came out less than a month ago) and still keep the quality of its games so (relatively) high. Yes, some of its games recently have had more bugs than previous series, but when you consider how many games they are developing simultaneously, the games’ quality are still quite impressive. Perhaps the company’s staff consists of robots? While you’re pondering that question, enjoy some new screenshots from “Catch a Ride." And if you like the game, go join or start a conversation in our Forums; episodic games like this one are always fun to talk about.

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Tales from the Borderlands 3

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