‘Spider-Man Unlimited’ Issue 6 Update Arrives, Adds Controller Support And Ineffective Fishbowl-Head

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The sixth and final issue of Gameloft’s superhero auto-runner Spider-Man Unlimited (Free) has arrived, and it might just be the biggest and wackiest update yet. The most obvious new addition is the arrival of a new set of missions based around the arrival of the final member of the Sinister Six, Mysterio. Yes, apparently ol’ Fishbowl-Head is the leader of the Six in this storyline, and serves as a sort of final (for now) boss for the game. Look, I can suspend my disbelief about a lot of things, but there’s no way Doc Ock is taking orders from Mysterio. The guy’s super abilities include the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a Hollywood special effects designer, and wearing a stupid glass bowl on his head that Spidey smashes every time. The video games love him, though, so what can we do?

Mysterio comes complete with a new stage variation that makes full use of his powers of illusion. It’s a pretty neat stage, though like most new variations in the game, it has a few bugs to work out involving its new gimmicks. Oh, and if you want to tackle issue six, you’re going to need some serious Spidey Team Power, so I hope you’ve been collecting and leveling up your gold Spideys. It’s easier than ever now thanks to some changes to Spidey Ops. The success rate is higher, the rewards are greater, and they don’t even tie up any of your characters anymore. What’s not to love? But gold Spideys alone may not be enough, as this update brings a new tier to the table. Titan Spideys, capable of reaching level 110, will soon be available.

The other bit of big news is MFi controller support, which isn’t something you see often in behind-the-back runners. After trying it out, I can kind of see why. My response time is way faster with touch controls, but perhaps I just need to get used to it. The update also addresses some bugs and improves objective counters for events. Naturally, there are also a bunch of new Spideys coming through this update. The update notes mention such well-known favorites as Mangaverse Spider-Woman, Earth X villain Spiders-Man, and the Black Cat and Flash Thompson’s alternate universe daughter Felicity Hardy, wearing her Scarlet Spider costume that she donned for a handful of Spider-Girl issues. Yes, true believers, we have the Felicity Hardy Scarlet Spider in a game before the appearance of the Symbiote costume. Does Gameloft know how to tease or what?

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