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‘SBK15 Official Mobile Game’ Riding Into the App Store Late June

SBK15 official mobile game After releasing SBK: The Official Mobile Game last year, Digital Tales is bringing SuperBikes back to the iOS later this month with the upcoming SBK15 Official Mobile Game (an incredibly-imaginative title, I have to say). Last year’s version has mostly five star reviews on the App Store and many excited reviewers, which bodes well for this year’s iteration. I enjoy racing games on the iOS, and it’s true that superbikes are underrepresented on the App Store.

This year’s SBK version will include all the tracks and bikes from the Superbike World Championship as well as an advanced physics engine and better bike handling model than last year’s game. The game will add a Time Attack mode to complement the Championship, Quick Race, and Challenge modes from last year’s SBK. The game will be cross-platform when it releases, and it will probably be $2.99, so don’t expect a F2P game here.

I remember playing motorbike games in arcades as a kid (the ones where you rode an actual bike), so for me, motorbike games evoke a sense of nostalgia. Nostalgia aside though, if the game’s physics and control scheme improve on last year’s version, this will be a racing game to watch out for, especially as it seems to avoid the F2P issues that made racing games such as Real Racing 3 less than palatable for many. Unless something unexpected happens, the game should hit the App Store before the end of the month, so get ready to ride.