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SWAT RTS ‘Door Kickers’ Out Now in New Zealand, Releasing Worldwide Soon

Real-time strategy game Door Kickers is making its way from desktop to iPad soon. This game has you commanding a SWAT team as they raid criminals, commanding your units to infiltrate and survive the scenario as best they can. Killhouse’s game features all the content from the desktop version and its updates, with 80 missions, 6 campaigns, and a mission generator to provide lots of stuff to do. Plus, there’s cloud saves with the desktop version, too. The game’s been optimized for touchscreens versus the mouse-based control of the desktop original. Here’s a trailer that shows off what you can expect from this RTS:

Door Kickers should be releasing for iOS in the next couple of weeks, but right now, it’s available in New Zealand and Romania. If you’re fretting about another game coming to mobile from desktop as a free-to-play game, don’t worry: it’s going to be paid, a $4.99 game without any IAP. There’s a forum thread to chat about the game, and if you’re excited about this one, keep an eye out for this one while Kiwis and Romanians get to play it before you do.