‘Hearthstone’ Will Soon Have $9.99 Purely Cosmetic Hero Skins

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Think you’ve spent too much money on Hearthstone (Free) already? Well, strap in for this one- Blizzard just announced that they’re quickly adding cosmetic skins to the mix of things you can buy in game. They’ll run $9.99, and when you unlock one it’ll replace your existing hero portrait at the bottom of the playing field with a special hero portrait that’s all gold and shiny with a special animation for your hero power and, oh god, Blizzard, just take my money.

They’ve released a new trailer for the announcement which includes Magni Bronzebeard who will replace Garrosh Hellscream whenever you play as the hero class when you’ve got the skin unlocked and selected:

It isn’t super clear from the trailer what it’ll look like when you’re using Magni Bronzebeard, but check out the associated gif here showing what happens when you use the warrior hero ability:


Presumably they’ll be releasing skins for all nine classes, and like every other free to play game that uses skins I expect they’ll slowly continue to drizzle more beyond that out throughout the life of the game. Having spent over $1,400 on League of Legends (seriously, I checked with Riot recently) on skins and similar cosmetic crap, this is real bad news for me. They don’t mention anywhere that you’ll be able to buy them with in-game gold, which isn’t much of a surprise as cosmetic stuff like this in basically all free to play games can’t be purchased with in-game currency- Cold hard cash only.

This is all “coming soon," which in Blizzard-speak could mean we’ll see it tomorrow, or we’ll see it in a couple years. Either way, stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when you can start spraying even more money in Blizzard’s direction.

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