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‘World of Tanks Generals,’ the CCG Version of ‘World of Tanks,’ Enters Open Beta

WOT GeneralsRecently, I’ve written about how most game developers have been trying to squeeze some CCG elements into their games because of the genre’s current popularity (because of games like Magic and Hearthstone, primarily). Well, it seems like has decided that World of Tanks also needs some of that tasty CCG topping, but, fortunately for us, they’ve decided to spin the CCG element into a separate F2P game, titled World of Tanks Generals. The game has just gone into open-beta for the PC (you can sign up here), but according to the developers, you’ll be able to play on your tablet browser too. I couldn’t get it to work on my tablet, but the game is still in beta, so I expect issues like that. It looks like the open beta is for the EU servers at the moment, but the US servers should be following the same route soon (and you could even have two accounts, I do).

In WOT Generals, players get to fight in several single and multiplayer modes (including battles based on historical events), and they get to use the game’s 220 unique cards to do so. Apparently, most of the cards are based on tanks and artillery units from the World of Tanks PC game, but WOT Generals also includes infantry cards as well as special cards that give players more firepower or stronger defenses (in the vein of most CCGs). In what will be good news for those who enjoy team sports, WOT Generals also lets players join clans and take part in multiple tournaments. If you are a fan of CCGs and you enjoy the WOT theme, I think you should take a closer look at this game.