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‘Mobius: Final Fantasy’ Launches in Japan

Big news out of Japan, as the long-anticipated Mobius: Final Fantasy has just released in Japan. Thanks to forum reader leocold, we now know that the game is out in Japan on both the App Store and Google Play. We’ll finally get to see just how this one plays: footage seemed to indicate that there’d be a mixture of exploration, with some standard RPG battling, and plenty of references to classic Final Fantasy games, and with talent connected to classic Squeenix games behind the title.

The game is currently out in Japan and seemingly only in Japanese, and it’s quite likely that it’ll be a situation like Chaos Rings 3 ($19.99) was: a few months after release and translation work is finished, we’ll see it here. Or even something like Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Free), which had about a six month delay between the Japanese and worldwide release. So, be patient, but expect to be playing this one soon enough.