‘Jenny LeClue – Playable Teaser’ is a Rarely-Allowed Demo on the App Store

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The console side of gaming has been abuzz about P.T., short for “Playable Teaser", which was a taste of the upcoming Silent Hills being headed up by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Well, that was before Konami canceled the game under mysterious circumstances and pulled said teaser. Well, P.T. may be dead, but the concept isn’t, as the upcoming adventure game Jenny LeClue has a playable teaser of its very own – and you can actually get it on iOS right now with Jenny LeClue – Playable Teaser (Free).

This release is really interesting because Apple generally doesn’t allow demos or early access type stuff on to the App Store. So, it’s interesting to see one developer get away with this sort of thing because it requires a particular framing in order to get past the Apple rules. And it seems like the “playable teaser" concept is the way to go. Now we just have to hope Konami doesn’t cancel this, right?!

The Jenny LeClue teaser has you solving the mystery of the Journal of Professor Zazer, a mini-adventure that’s set in the world of the game, giving you a taste of what to expect from Episode One when it’s completed.

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