‘Rymdkapsel’ Getting New Content in Update Next Week

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Fans of Rymdkapsel ($3.99), the time-management game about building a base in space, trying to survive against alien invaders, are going to be excited to learn that a big update is coming to the game next week, June 4th. This update brings two new modes to the game: there’s Zen mode, which eliminates enemies altogether, just allowing you to build and explore without worry of attack. The opposite of that is the new Plus mode, which is harder, better, faster, stronger. The monoliths in this mode are all designed to help you build out your base faster, though the enemies are more aggressive. Good luck with that!

Along with the new modes, the soundtrack has been expanded with two new tracks. Four new monoliths are available to find in all modes. Seven more missions to complete are available to complete. Plus, bugs have been sorted out, and the game is optimized for the iPhone 6/Plus. These are all welcome additions, and will be available in the game as a free update on June 4th.

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