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‘MeatSlayer: Dash or Death’ is a Game from Creators of ‘theMeatly’ Webcomic

The folks at theMeatly are known among game-dev circles for their webcomics about game development, especially on mobile. Now, they’re making a game of their very own in their distinct art style, called MeatSlayer: Dash or Death. You’ll be controlling the MeatSlayer, an eyepatch-wearing, meat-eating little chap who runs and punches stuff, like giant, meat-tossing robots. Sounds interesting! Check out the stylish trailer below:

It’ll be interesting to see just how this one turns out, as the creators of the webcomics have a lot to say on game development, but now have to put their money where their mouth is, eh? The art style looks like it’s transitioning well to an actual video game with the fluid animation, and the limited-color style is very distinct. I’m intrigued enough to keep an eye on this. Oh, and it will be $0.99, because you have an expensive phone, you can pay a dollar for an app, right? Expect to throw down a whole dollar this summer.