Get Ready Because Facebook Messenger Games Are Coming

MessengerRemember the time when you couldn’t mute your Facebook friends fast enough to stop the flood of game notifications? When you were constantly assaulted by all kinds of Ville games? Well, according to recent news, we might be in for a Back to the Future moment soon. When Facebook decided to kindly nudge (force) people to shift to its Messenger app for mobile friend-to-friend communication, most groaned with displeasure. At the same time, not all news was bad news; at least, those who used Facebook mostly to chat with friends wouldn’t have to deal with all the Facebook games’ notifications or any other such nonsense. Messenger was a pure communication app through and through.

Unfortunately, if recent news are to be believed, all that’s about to end soon. Apparently, after giving us Messenger apps (like the emoji and giphy ones), Facebook is now in active conversations with various game developers regarding the introduction of games to its Messenger app store. While no firm plans have been announced, and there isn’t even a hint regarding which developers might be considering coming to Facebook, I think it’s fair to say that the line of possible developers will be long and distinguished given Facebook’s status as a global (evil?) empire. These are all the details we have so far, so it’s unclear whether the games will live inside Messenger or whether the app will simply enable developers to link their player bases in better ways. Either way, I expect more news on the matter to be coming our way soon.