‘Wrassling’ Gets Much-Demanded Local Multiplayer Feature in Update

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Wrassling (Free) is fun. But Wrassling has sadly been a solo affair. One can perhaps only be entertained by wrestling other people out of the ring for so long. That amount of time is probably longer than it’s taken for Wrassling to get its local multiplayer update, but better sooner than later for more wrasslin’ in Wrassling, I say. You can wrassle with a friend on the same device in either co-op mode, or in a versus mode, with or without AI wrasslers. With the five-button controls, it’s probably a better experience on an iPad, but we must make do with whatever wrassling equipment we’ve got.

Wrassling Multiplayer

Considering that these sorts of goofy physics games are always more fun with other people, getting multipayer is a huge addition to Wrassling. There’s also a couple extra welcome additions: you can change the color of your Wrassler, and you can pause the game too. For the glory of Slamdovia!

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