‘Dungeon Hunter 5’ Gets First Big Content Update with New Daily Events

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Gameloft’s latest entry in their long-running dungeon crawling series, Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free), has just gotten its first big content update. New levels in the Far East Xinkashi lands are available, with new loot to collect. If you’re a fan of the Stronghold feature for multiplayer, you have 5 new rooms and 5 new traps to build into your stronghold to try and bedevil your opponents with. New daily events that take place in these rooms are available, with tickets that can be won to get powerful new Xinkashi weapons.

Along with the daily events, you now have new weekly Wanted Challenges you can take part in to earn some new boss armors and weapons. Three new solo missions are available too. There seems to be a load of new stuff to do in this new update, and daily events are always welcome additions. So if you’ve fallen out of the game, this may just be the thing to get you back in to it.

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