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Adult Swim Games’ ‘Tofu Hunter’ Mocks Vegans This Week

Look, I think veganism is silly, but I didn’t go so far as to create a game where you shoot tofu. But Paw Print Games really doesn’t like vegans, and has teamed up with Adult Swim Games to make Tofu Hunter, which is releasing on the App Store this Thursday, May 14th. You’ll take aim at wild, free-range tofu, shooting them to feed those barbaric vegans who don’t know that all life comes from death! And in this case, death at the hands of my rifle.

Paw Print Games has been kicking around for a while; you may remember them from 2011’s Kami Retro ($0.99), a fun platformer. Now, they’re taking on the hunting game genre in conjunction with Adult Swim Games. If you’re ready to make some poor wild tofu suffer, you’ll be able to do so starting on Thursday, for free. Because why pay up front to murder tofu for sport and food? That’s just silly.