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‘Worp’ is a Fun Upcoming High Score Game from an 18 Year-Old Developer

The fast-reaction, high-score-chase, micro-game genre that’s swept the App Store by storm is a genre that has a few key tenets that can be tricky to do well: simple gameplay that’s challenging, with intense action. The best games do the Flappy Bird thing, where a score of 0 or 100 are both equal possibilities. Max Glockling’s upcoming Worp, based on a pre-release build I’ve played, looks like it’s hitting all those buttons. You’ll be controlling a ship spinning around the inside of a circle, trying to dodge balls that are shooting from a cannon directly across from you. There are multiple balls, tricky angles, and a playfield that shifts in size as you play to contend with. It’s challenging and a ton of fun. Check out the trailer:

Worp will, like many other micro-games, be free with in-app purchases. The IAP will remove the ads and also let you get continues without watching further video ads. The system is set up in such a way that you can pay one of several different amounts to support the developer, starting at $0.99. It’s a pretty cool option, and one I endorse for developers doing IAP unlocks: sometimes if you put the option out there for people to pay more for something they enjoy, they’ll do so. Worp does a lot of things right, and it should prove to be quite addictive once it releases on May 21st, pending Apple approval. Oh, and the developer is 18, so suddenly I feel old and worthless! Bonus feature!