Kemco Drops The Price On A Few More RPGs, Here Are Our Picks

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Their last sale just ended, but Kemco’s already rolling out their next one. I guess with that many games to your name on the App Store, you can pretty much just keep the sales coming if you want to. To be honest, this batch is a bit less exciting than the last one. All of these have been on sale before, and for cheaper to boot. But if you’re looking for a new JRPG and really don’t want to wait, you might find something in here to enjoy.

Apart from Fantasy Chronicle, everything in this sale comes from developer WorldWideSoftware. While they have their fans, I’m definitely not counted among them. Still, even among their titles, there are some worth looking into and some to avoid, and this particular sale represents that spectrum quite nicely. The full list of games on sale follows:

The best choice from this selection is Fantasy Chronicle. Developed by Hit-Point, this was one of Kemco’s earliest iOS releases. Although it’s fairly simple in scope compared to some later releases, I still feel it’s one of the high points in Kemco’s library. This is its lowest price since December of 2012, so it doesn’t go on sale often, either. My second recommendation would be Symphony Of The Origin. This is probably WorldWideSoftware’s best game and is generally well-liked in our community. That said, it was on sale for $0.99 only a couple of months ago and is likely to be a part of future sales.

Personally, I would leave the others. They’re the worst kind of derivative junk, the sort of thing that contributes heavily to Kemco’s mixed reputation. Of the three, Aeon Avenger probably goes on sale least often, if that’s a consideration for you. But really, your time has got to be more valuable than suffering through things like the appropriately-titled End Of Aspiration. Happy adventuring!

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