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11 bit Studios Bringing ‘This War of Mine’ and ‘Spacecom’ to iOS Soon

11 bit Studios is hard at work on a couple of games that are making their way to iOS from desktop. First up, we have This War of Mine, which we saw back at GDC 2015. The game is entering the final stages of development for iPad, with 11 bit saying the game is fully-functional, they’re just sorting out some last-minute bugs that have popped up with the game. We should hear about a release date sometime next month once the game is complete.

As well, 11 bit published a game called Spacecom on desktop last year, and they’re bringing it to mobile. This includes both phones and tablets, with the game getting an interface revamp for touchscreens. According to the 11 bit Twitter, this one will actually be releasing next week, on May 6th. The game got decent reviews on PC, but Flow Combine’s strategy title might just fair a bit better on mobile, and after a few more months of work.