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‘Battledots’ is an Abstract Combat Strategy Game with Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer

German studio KM-Games has announced that their new game Battledots will be releasing on Wednesday, April 29th. This is a kind of combat strategy game, where you’re deploying your armies of dots across five lanes, trying to defeat your opponents. You choose 6 dots to deploy with, and fight by unleashing them, hopefully countering your opponents’ attacks to outscore them and take out their troops. There’s over a hundred levels to play, along with same-device multiplayer, and even online battles.

Battledots will be releasing simultaneously on iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone, all for $0.99. I only know two people with a Windows Phone, but they can play this! They can even play against their iOS and Android friends with cross-platform online multiplayer! Finally, our friends and family who made a weird choice in their lives can belong with the rest of us, starting on Wednesday. Battledots is looking like it could be fun to play, so keep an eye out for it, it should be available a day ahead of the normal Thursday releases.