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‘Heroes and Castles 2’ Finally Gets a Release Date

Foursaken Media’s got our forums – and some of us on staff here at TA – all in a tizzy with Heroes and Castles 2. The scope of the game is looking absolutely absurd, the visuals are looking impressive, but will it be a good game? Well, you’re going to find out soon enough: May 14th is when Heroes and Castles 2 launches worldwide. This genre mashup of action-RPGs, strategy gameplay, and good ol’ castle defense has had our forums going wild in anticipation, and soon they’ll get to see if their anticipation is worth it.

There’s going to be massive battles with countless soldiers to fight, massive enemies to take down, all with your own hero and castle to customize and upgrade. Oh, and there’s going to be cooperative multiplayer, this isn’t just a solo affair. Plus, there’s high-resolution assets for the latest devices, and iCloud support for those of you with iPhones and iPads. Foursaken Media definitely knows how to make solid games with large scopes – Phantom Rift ($0.99) provides a ton of gameplay, and Puzzle to the Center of the Earth (Free) had a lot to do as well. May 14th can’t come soon enough.