‘Kayos’, From the Creator of ‘Boost 2’, is Available Worldwide

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Jonathan Kayos of Boost 2 ($1.99) fame announced his first new game in a while with Kayos (Free) last month, and as the price tag should indicate, the game is now out worldwide! Available for a $0.99 launch sale price from the planned $1.99 price (though, say, Threes ($5.99) was on a 33.333…% launch sale for a very long time), you can check out this high-speed obstacle avoidance game for yourself. You’ll be flying along a flat plane, trying to avoid the many large and colorful objects that are falling, moving, and otherwise just kind of standing around being a nuisance.

The game has a risk-reward mechanic with the shield: you can tap and hold to charge it up, but it will speed you up. Let go, and you slow down, but your shield charge decreases. If you charge it up to 100%, you’ll be going full speed constantly, but with the ability to take one hit. Getting to full shield without dying is hard enough as it is, but if you get there, you can go for those high scores. It’s a pretty neat game, and runs fast on modern devices. The 30 FPS trailer on YouTube doesn’t quite do the game justice, give it a shot on an actual device to see it running at its full smoothness.

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    From the developer that brought you the award-winning original game Boost 2, comes another adrenaline rushing experience…
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