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Mediocre’s ‘Does Not Commute’ Crashes into the App Store This Week

The ironically-named Mediocre has been exciting us with their upcoming game Does Not Commute for a while now, and we finally have a release date: this Thursday, April 23rd. The game was intriguing even before it had a name, and when we played it at GDC it wound up being one of the best games at the conference. The final game is much like what you see below, but with some additional tweaks and improvements that should make it a better game:

The game will be releasing for free, with an IAP to unlock checkpoints, much like Smash Hit (Free) – it’s a system that works out pretty well where you could theoretically beat the game without paying, but it’d be a real challenge. You can also improve each checkpoint’s remaining time left by going back to a previous one and doing better, so you need to do better over time. Still, for people who prefer their games with freemium unlocks, Mediocre’s got your back. Check this one out on Thursday, and until then, check out the forum thread for the game and the latest trailer: