‘Smash Hit’ Creator Mediocre Teases Upcoming Driving Game

Perhaps Mediocre Games was founded with the joke being that “Haha, our games aren’t actually mediocre, sure fooled them!" Well, the team behind Smash Hit (Free) and the Sprinkle ($1.99) series of games is at works on a new game, and they posted a teaser of the game recently on YouTube of the currently-untitled game. What exactly is it? They’re describing it as a “strategic driving game…where you are your own worst enemy." Check out the teaser below.

Now, if you watch carefully in the video, what you’ll see is that the paths you drove with other cars constantly repeat with new cars adding into the fray, so it seems like the goal is to not hit any cars. Which you yourself have driven. It may just be the driving game equivalent of Don’t Shoot Yourself (Free). The game looks interesting enough and Mediocre has a solid track record. We’ll keep an eye on this unnamed game, which is planned to release sometime this spring.