‘Carcassonne’ Bundles all of its Expansions to Celebrate its 5th Anniversary

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Since its release 5 years ago, Carcassonne ($4.99), the iOS rendition of the award-winning board game, has been mentioned in almost any conversation on the potential for iOS games to be both functional and beautiful. The intuitive UI, the lovely board game look (showing Apple’s Jony Ive that skeuomorphism can sometimes look great on a tablet), it’s many single-player and multi-player options, all came together to make Carcassonne a great ambassador for iPad gaming. This is one of the games I always recommend to any friend who is taking his first steps into the world of mobile gaming.

The Coding Monkeys, the developers of the iOS version of Carcassonne, have been consistently porting many of the board games’ numerous expansions, keeping the gameplay fresh for Carcassonne veterans and offering new ways for beginners to experience the game. In celebration of Carcassonne‘s fifth anniversary, The Coding Monkeys have released a bundle that includes all the expansions released up to this day (Princess and Dragon, Winter, Phantom, Traders and Builders, Inns and Cathedrals, River, and Double Base Tile Set). The Bundle costs $4.99, which is less than half the price you’d pay if you’d bought each expansion separately. So, if you own the game but haven’t bought any of the expansions – or if you’ve bought just a couple – this bundle is your opportunity to buy the whole lot and have even more ways to enjoy one of the best iOS games ever made. And if you don’t own the game, take a look at our review from back in the day and then go visit its App Store page today because this bundle is the perfect opportunity for you to add a jewel to your gaming collection.

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